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Try To Find Out What the E-Juice Flavor Has To Say About You

Posted in on 11-10-16

Try To Find Out What the E-Juice Flavor Has To Say About You

Many people judge a book by its cover. Well, studies have shown that same can be done for finding out the quality of the person who vapes. Coming to a decision about others just takes a matter of seconds, but if you want to know what personality trait the e-juice flavor has to say about you, then check out the rest of the blog.

With a gamut of different cheap e juice to choose from, the flavor you are vaping can make others perceive an image about you.

Personality Traits Associated With the Flavors

Fruit: People who love fruity flavors are fun, entertaining and almost want to seize every moment of their life. In fact, they can be adventurous and ready to discover new things at every point of their life.

Vanilla: Many vapers love the taste of sweet vanilla. For them, the vanilla flavored e-juice is no doubt the right option for them. Basically, those who love vanilla flavors are associated with an imaginative person. They are also witty and clever.

Coffee: In case, your breakfast vape is a coffee flavored cheap e-liquid then you are definitely a creative person. Sometimes, the people can be little bit impulsive also. Usually born to be a leader and work efficiently.

Chocolate: It is often said that those who love chocolate flavors of e-juice are inventive, rebellious, and creative. The other personality trait that is associated with this flavor is their unconventional way of thinking.

Cake: Have a soft-corner for sweet tooth. Then this flavor lover has a wonderful personality and appreciates the small things in life. This is why they are surrounded by family and friends all time.

Well, of course, the flavors do not necessarily have to be an indicator of your personality. Nonetheless, it is quite interesting to know what kind of flavors is preferred by certain people.

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 With 3GB RAM

Posted in on 9-20-16

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 With 3GB RAM

The brand new Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 continues the look layout of the preceding Redmi merchandises, and it comes with the large capacity 3GB RAM. Besides, it’s configured with a strong central processing unit Helio X20. Only at that post, I am going to show you more information about it. The content calls for four components, including layouts and shows, settings and specs.

Layouts and Shows

It’s a metal unibody design. Besides the 5.5-inch full High Definition screen with the 2.5D curved glass, it provides a pleasant holding feeling. In the upper central region of the back protect, there exists the optical lens and fingerprint detector. Incidentally, it gives you three shades choices, including Grey, Gold, and Silver.

Also, the screen uses the brand new technologies to accommodate contrast and brightness to its environment. Especially when you put it to use in sunlight, it provides a great user experience. If you utilize it at nighttime, it is possible to fix it into the Nighttime Display; it is going to bring you a much more cozy feeling in exploring the websites, watching movies or reading an e-reader.


Seeing the RAM and storage, it has two variants. Incidentally, the external memory supports up to 128GB.

It supports 1080p/720p movie recording and 720p Slow Motion videorecording.

Except for that, it functions Hybrid Dual Sim with Dual Standby, Mi-Cloud storage and 4G community and VoLTE. Built in a Lithium-Polymer 4,100mAh battery, it supports one-day standard using a single cost.


Apparatus Type: Android Smartphone

CPU: Deca-Center (42.0GHz ARM Cortex A53 41.4GHz ARM Cortex A53 22.1GHz ARM Cortexa72)

Chipset: MediaTek Helio X 20 MT6797

Cam: 13 Megapixels Back Camera With Double-LED Flash |

Memory: RAM-2GB/3GB|



SIM: Hybrid Twin SIM (micro sim NanoSIM/micro sd) Smartphone

Detectors: Proximity Sensor, Accelerometer, Corridor, Surrounding Light, Gyro, Fingerprint

Colour: Grey, Silver, Gold


Dimensions: 151 x 76.3 x 8.35 millimeter

Weight: 175 Gs


Xiaomi Redmi Notice 4 is the mid-array smartphone with a reasonable cost. In case you are seeking for this kind of smartphone, you could have a try!

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