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Free Keylogger Software

Free Keylogger Download

Pc and internet monitoring software Recored everything-Helps to now the exact truth!

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Spouse Activities Employee Activities
Child Activities Student Activities


PC Data Manager Basic KeyLogger
PC Data Manager Advanced KeyLogger
Mac Log Manager – Keylogger for mac os x

  Spyrix Free Keylogger

Spyrix Free Keylogger

In the modern world, computers and the Internet have become an inseparable part of our life. You can surf the web from any up-to-date digital device. Even if you really wanted to limit or completely exclude your use of the Internet, you would have to leave for some deserted island in the ocean.

But our life is here, and here our kids live too. It’s impossible to protect them from all the dangers and harm the web contains and can cause. But we can try to keep updated on the things they do there. Get to know people they meet, games they play, and time they spend online during the day. Parental control is a necessary option to have on every device your kids use regularly. And it’s better be free, because kids are great money “consumers” themselves, every parent knows it.

With Spyrix Free Keylogger you will have the opportunity to monitor all your children’s activities on the PC. You will get screenshots, keylogging, apps activity and clipboard records. All the data can be easily accessed in your online account from any internet connected device.

Be aware of what your kids do on the web and you’ll be there to help when they need it!

  PC Data Manager - Advance Keylogger Software (Most Intelligent computer monitoring software) Just $49

PC Data Manager Advanced KeyLogger

PC Data Manager Advance KeyLogger Software hiddenly monitors entire system and internet activities carry out by any user on your PC in real time.

PC monitoring program records all keystroke typed, website visited, voice chat conversations, composed emails, system logins etc and capture Windows screenshots periodically. Download 30 days free trial of the key logger software and experience software salient features and functionalities.

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  PC Data Manager - Keylogger Software Just $45

PC Data Manager Basic KeyLogger

Basic KeyLogger Software is a powerful utility allows you to secretly monitor and records every keystroke activities performed by external user on your PC in real time.

Simple and affordable software solution for both home and offices, used to track each key pressed, typed passwords, sent emails, online chats, website urls etc by any user from your PC with facility to deliver activity details at specified email ID.

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  MAC Log Manager Software Just $45

Mac Log Manager – Keylogger for mac os x

Mac Log Manager (a.k.a. keylogger for mac os x) is designed to record overall computer activities performed on Apple Mac machines. Simple to operate and easy to handle monitoring software for mac capture Keystroke details, Clipboard contents, USB media insertion/removal activities, Internet activities, Application accessed details, Internet activities with option to capture live Screenshots at regular time intervals.

Download and evaluate keylogger mac os x program with free trial evaluation process. Place order to get full featured mac keylogger licensed version at affordable price.

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Software main features
Keystroke Recorder
Records all key pressed events like characters, symbols, digits and texts edited on word, notepad etc.
Chats, E-mail Recorder
Records sent emails, online typed chat with voice chat conversations and instant messages.
Clipboard Monitoring
Records entire clipboard activities and show all copy-paste entries made in real time.
Screenshots Capturing
Captures screenshots of all windows applications executed on Desktop at regular time interval.
Internet Monitoring
Records internet activities like website visited, typed URLs, Web histories, cookies etc.
Emailing and Reporting
Generate activity log report and sends at specified email ID or upload using FTP settings.
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