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PC Data Manager - Advance Keylogger Software

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PC Data Manager - Advanced Keylogger Software

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Category : Security Software

Product # : FKD01

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Software Overview:

PC Data Manager Advance KeyLogger Software is an outstanding surveillance utility used to monitor the entire computer activities of any user in real time. Software keeps track of every system and internet activities and records each online or offline windows applications executed on Desktop. Software easily catch different applications executed on computer Desktop including keystrokes typed, clipboard entries, voice chat sessions, emails, browsed websites and more. Program secretly records user`s system login time, passwords entered and captures windows screenshot at regular interval of time.

Software Records:

Records System Activities Records Internet Activities

  • Typed Keys (Characters, Symbols, Digits etc)
  • User-name and Passwords]
  • Text edited and saved in Word, Notepad etc.
  • Clipboard contents (Copy-Paste operation)
  • Windows Screenshots with slideshow view
  • System logins and Sound clips
  • Modification done in System date and time
  • Accessed Windows Applications

  • Composed and sent Emails
  • Website visited, Web histories and searches
  • Online Voice Chat Conversations
  • Internet Cookies and Temp files

Software quickly exposes:

  • All internet activities performed by employees on your office computers.
  • Secret online chats, net searches and browsed web pages by kids, spouses when their parents not at Home.
  • Email composed and sent by your friend or any family member from your PC in your absence..

Software Features:

  • Constantly monitors and records overall system and internet activities of any user.
  • Generate log report of entire active and inactive applications run on your computer system.
  • Deliver log details at your specified location via email or uploading text using FTP server settings.
  • Facility to view all input keystrokes or only printing keystrokes.
  • Friendly GUI interface and no technical skills required to operate the software.
  • Simple to operate and easily understandable even for novice users.
  • Quickly downloaded and easily installed on your PC.

Security Features:

  • Password protected feature restricts unauthorized user to access the software.
  • Completely undetectable and remains hidden in Add/Remove line, System Startup, Installation files or folders and even no shortcut icon appear on Desktop.
  • Hot keys and Run command settings help to access hidden software.

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