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PC Data Manager - Keylogger Software

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PC Data Manager Basic KeyLogger

Keylogger software

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Software Overview:

PC Data Manager Basic KeyLogger Software is a powerful keystroke logger that records keystroke details made using PC keyboard in real time. Software records every keyboard typing activities like sent emails, online chats, passwords, texts and other similar system and internet activities. Program secretly record each single key typed like characters, symbols, digits etc and generates log report of all keystroke applications performed on your system. Software even facilitates to deliver activity log details via email at your defined location, no matter where you are.

Software Records Typed:

  • Characters, Symbols, Digits and Special keys
  • Username and Passwords
  • Online Chat details
  • Documents saved in MS Word, Notepad and similar text editors
  • Emails composed and sent
  • Website URLs, Web Searches and more.

Software quickly exposes:

  • Secret online chat details made by your employees using office PC’s during business hours and kids, spouses or family members on your PC when you are not around.
  • Email details secretly sent from working computers by business staffs in companies.
  • Website searches and internet surfing activity details performed by your child on home PC.

Software Features:

  • Monitors and records entire keystroke entry made from your system keyboard including date, windows caption, application path, input keystrokes and computer name.
  • Generates log report of entire user`s keyboard typing activities.
  • Sends log details at your defined email address.
  • User can view either all input keystrokes or only printing keystrokes.

Security Features:

  • Runs secretly and remains invisible in Add/Remove list, Start Menu, Software Installation folder and no shortcut icon appear on Desktop.
  • Advance Hot keys and Run Command settings helps to access software running in hidden mode.
  • Password Protected feature prevents any unauthorized software data accessing activities.

Other Features:

  • Friendly graphical interface and easy to operate
  • No expert guidance is needed to work with software
  • Cost-effective and affordable utility
  • Quickly downloaded and easily installed
  • 30 days FREE trial demo
  • Microsoft Windows OS compatible

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